GAPASA – A Professional ISO/TS16949:2002 Certified Manufacturer of Truck Brake Parts – Where you can discover the pinnacle of quality and the widest range of automatic slack adjusters, brake chambers, S-cam shafts and other truck brake parts at competitive prices from China! At GAPASA, we are passionately committed to establishing ourselves as a global brand in the realm of truck brake parts.

Guangdong GAP Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a dedicated manufacturer and exporter of top-notch, cost-effective commercial vehicle brake parts. Our extensive product portfolio includes both manual and automatic slack adjusters, spring brake chambers, air disc brake chambers, air brake chambers, brake shoes, S-cam shafts, bearing center supports, and various other essential brake components. We proudly serve esteemed clients who occupy prominent positions in the world’s brake system rankings.

Nestled in the vibrant southern region of China, we have amassed years of expertise in this industry. With cutting-edge machinery and state-of-the-art technology sourced from around the globe, our production capabilities encompass forging, casting, aluminium extrusion, plastic extrusion, and rubber molding. It brings us immense pride to witness the popularity of our products across North America, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and European countries.

Adhering to a strict “zero defects” quality policy, we meticulously machine all our slack adjusters using advanced CNC technology. Our esteemed chief engineer is a distinguished figure in this field within China, and we meticulously implement the ISO/TS16949:2002 system throughout our entire production process. Every step is taken to eliminate any potential failure modes, including issues like bending, binding, burrs, handling damage, cracking, deformation, dirt accumulation, improper setup, grounding, open circuits, short circuits, and tool wear, ensuring the utmost precision and reliability.

Join us on our exhilarating journey as we continue to redefine industry standards, deliver superior quality, and create an unrivalled experience for our valued customers. Together, let’s drive towards a future where excellence meets innovation in the world of truck brake parts.


Testing Method for ASA

1. Adopt torque wrench.

2. Requirement: The torque should be below 8.5 N.m in the clockwise direction and between 30 N.m and 40 N.m in the counter-clockwise direction.


performance test

1. Adopt salt fog testing table, mix polluted liquid per SAE J1462-94.

2. Requirement: The product must undergo a proof-corrupt test for a duration of 150 hours to ensure its reliability and integrity.

Self-adjust test

(automatic adjusting test)

1. Adopt self-adjust testing table.

2. Requirement: The torque and frequency must pass 200,000 cycle tests according to the standard.

Endurance testing

1. Adopt endurance test table.

2. Requirement: Pass 30,000 times of high strength tests after passing 200,000 times.

Gap Industrial Co., Ltd. was born, specializing in the sale of auto parts, motorcycles, scooters, electric cars, and their accessories.
Achieving a remarkable milestone, Gap Industrial Co., Ltd. recorded sales of $2 million.
Breaking into the U.S. market, Gap Industrial Co., Ltd. garnered a solid reputation for itself.
In Guangzhou, GAP Industrial Co., Ltd. established a state-of-the-art factory dedicated to producing top-notch brake slack adjusters and bearing supports. These high-quality products swiftly gained recognition, finding their way to more than a dozen countries across the globe.
With great pride, Guangzhou Gap Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was formally established, securing the renowned "GAPASA" trademark. The same year witnessed the company's successful attainment of ISO/TS16949:2002 quality system certification, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence.
A momentous achievement was sealed when a supply agreement was signed with Brazil's RANDON, propelling Gap into a strategic position within the entire South American market.
The brake chamber production line triumphantly went live, effectively supplying the third-largest American air chamber manufacturers. Notably, our products emerged victorious in the rigorous US BENDIX sample testing program, earning the distinguished status of qualified suppliers.
Exports of brake chambers skyrocketed to an impressive 1.1 million pieces, solidifying our leading position in the domestic market.
Sales surged past the $20 million mark, further consolidating our position as an industry frontrunner.
A new milestone was achieved as the camshaft production line successfully launched, cementing our position as the sole standardized camshaft exporter.
Expanding our factory workshop area to a substantial 8,000 square meters, we fortified our production capacity, guaranteeing an even more robust manufacturing process.
Underscoring our commitment to growth and progress, we established a new production base encompassing 50,000 square meters in Hunan. This strategic move, in close proximity to Guangzhou, positioned us for an even brighter future.
We have been covering 40% marketing share for brake chambers and slack adjusters in North America.
Our new plant, Guangdong GAP Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. has been set up in possession of its own property with over 4500 square meters of production space.……