Welcome To Gapasa Truck

Established in 1999, GAPASA Truck Parts Specialist has been exporting top-quality truck parts to over 20 countries worldwide. Our 6000-square-meter facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, including punching machines, oil pressing machines, sealed machines, CNC machines, robotic welders, and hydraulic pressing machines. We have shifted our focus from B2B platforms like Alibaba and Made-in-China to search engines and trusted suppliers, enabling us to offer you better prices without any middlemen.


20 years of export experience to the US and European markets.

Exceptional after-sales service and support.

Comprehensive product range for the US and European markets.

Unbeatable value for money with competitive pricing.

More than One-year warranty on all truck parts.

Stringent quality control process.

Experienced engineers with strong quality control abilities.

IATF TS16949 certified manufacturer.

All truck parts made according to USA SAE standard.


Limited export experience, potentially compromising service quality.

Inadequate after-sales support and spare parts availability.

Limited product range, requiring multiple suppliers to fulfill needs.

Pricing may not offer the same value for money.

Unclear or limited warranty terms.

Inconsistent quality control measures.

Lack of experienced engineers with quality control expertise.

Limited or no industry accreditation.

Parts may not adhere to USA SAE standards, potentially causing compatibility issues.

Two Decades of Export Experience to the US and European Market
Comprehensive Product Range for the US and European Markets
Excellent Value for Money and Competitive Pricing
Stringent Quality Control
Experienced Engineers with Strong Quality Control Abilities
Highly Accredited Engineers with Decades of Experience
IATF TS16949 Certified Manufacturer
All Parts Made per USA SAE Standard